The Evolution of Facebook

Facebook is improving day by day, and adding multiple features that are going to be extremely beneficial for users. In the article “Facebook embraces utility with food ordering and ticketing” written by Josh Constine on TechCrunch, he speaks about all the new features that Facebook are now offering and are going to be offering in the future.

Food Delivery has been a growing industry and has become popular among many people, and now on Facebook, you can order food and have it delivered directly to your house through

You can also request an appointment for services such as plumbing, beauty, and many others through MyTime. Buying movie and event tickets through Ticket Master has become one of the most popular new features. All one has to do is go to an event or a movie’s Facebook page, click on the “buy tickets” button and it will direct you to where you can purchase the tickets. How much more convenient can purchasing tickets be?!


If you use the new Recommendations feature you will be able to have your friends suggest events that are popular are in your area.If you turn on Recommendations, a request for suggestions will appear in the News Feed and comments from friends will be added to a map and Recommendations bookmarks for easy browsing. All of these features will make Facebook even better than it already is….. Get Ready!

Facebook adding multiple features is now going to make Facebook the most prominent social media site because of all the unique things that you can now do. There are no other social media sites where you can purchase tickets, deliver food to your door, and have friends suggest popular events in your area. Facebook is continuing to grow day by day, and Facebook will become more popular than it has ever been.



3 thoughts on “The Evolution of Facebook

  1. Although Facebook appears to be losing popularity as the other social media sites improve, it is smart to keep efforts alive to always change and improve this particular site. I’ll always have a ‘soft spot’ for Facebook, so i support all of the changes that they are making.


  2. It is very cool that Facebook is adding these new features. I think existing users will like this, but I’m not sure it will draw any new users in. Personally, I don’t think I would like the recommendations option because it seems like Facebook has enough ads as it is. The features are great for existing users.


  3. Its interesting to think that a few years ago many people believed that Facebook would go the way of MySpace as Twitter grew. Today it certainly looks as though that will not be the case, and some of the changes they have made are a big part of that.


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