Telling Stories from a Mobile Phone

In order to tell stories through video, most would believe that there is only way to do that: record and upload. However, there is more than just one way of telling a story through video, and with today’s technology, you’re able to do so from a mobile phone!

With today’s news, most people prefer using their mobile phone to get quick and easy news coverage. Along with that, social media apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, are widely used in order to give their audience news stories. The most intriguing way to get news is by video, as opposed to reading an article. Robb Montgomery, a mobile journalism expert, explains ten ways of telling a story through video on your own phone.

The ten “ways” of telling a story are: Quick Hit, Live-streaming, First Person, Walk-through, Explainer, Kinogram, Overhead, Immersive and Mini-documentary. He goes on to describe each way of story-telling by giving details on how each works, and then says his own thoughts on what he thinks about them.

For example, “Quick Hit” is the most convenient way for a journalist to get a story across to an audience. It’s the easiest and fastest way of recording video content. An example would be recording a video on the mobile Twitter app, then recording a voice over along with it. The “First Person” option is solely committed to the interviewee’s responses and their personal stories regarding the video topic. A completely different way of telling a story is through a “Kinogram” which is similar to a silent film. Some people prefer this way of learning through video.

This article was really cool to read because I wasn’t aware that there were so many ways of telling a story through video, and that they each had names!


By Caroline Scott


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