Snapchat is Taking the Multimedia World by Storm.

Snapchat has been growing in popularity ever since its release in 2011. Whether I am walking through the halls of St. John Fisher, walking through the mall, or just casually strolling the streets, I can always spot a “snapchatter”. It starts with a silly face and is then followed by the quick sound of a camera snap, the person then continues on with their day. But what really makes Snapchat so amusing to us? How has Snapchat really changed us? Bethany Swain wrote an article on the MediaShift website which analyzes these questions.

Swain was first introduced to Snapchat by her students. She was also very skeptical and confused by the app’s popularity. But Swain soon found herself engulfed in Snapchat and began using it for her broadcast journalism. She also found herself noticing how Snapchat has really changed the way we can communicate.

Snapchat provides users with a sense of control. They can choose to view certain stories and can choose to ignore certain stories as well. People also enjoy the power of creating their own content and editing it to their amusement. And Snapchat only keeps improving their app and, in turn, their users satisfaction. Recently, Snapchat has introduced the Discover tab. This is where different companies can place news stories, fashion tips, fun facts, and more. But following along with Snapchat’s time limit aspect, these stories disappear after 24 hours.

Although Swain touches on a few more points, I believe the most important point she makes is “Snapchat is true multimedia”. Snapchat combines together multiple different multimedia aspects with ease, such as video, audio, pictures, text, face graphics, and emojis. All of these components correspond perfectly in Snapchat and allows for endless creative possibilities.

I personally cannot believe how Snapchat has taken off. When it first came about, I did not even download the app thinking that it would be a dud. But soon, everyone was snap chatting. It is an easy way to communicate with friends and allows for a fun twist that you can’t communicate through simple a text or a phone call or even a video message.

How Snapchat is Changing the Way We Communicate



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