Google’s Camera Improvement

Mehmet Ozen                                                                                                 10/21/16

Title: How Google’s Pixel Phone builds a better photo

By: Stephen Shankland

Publication: Cnet

Web Link:

Date: 10/20/16


This article from Cnet talks about how the Google Pixel has developed an incredible camera. The new Google Pixel XL Android phone has a 5.5-inch size. This Google Pixel Android phone is part of the HDRT. The HDRT is a version of computer photography that is very pacey that produces great photos. This amazing technology has computer data chips that help the process go smoother and more efficiently. With this camera you will be able to take unlimited, but quick shots. This camera process took Google approximately two years.

This Google pixel phone’s camera is a great technological advancement. This is not only significant to Google and Android, but it’s crucial to the entire technology world. This is a great influence for other companies. At this point, there has been so much competition between technology companies, and now it is only increasing. I believe that Apple will now work harder to create a better camera pixel. Loyal customers will stick to their favorite brands. This will only motivate technology companies to improve themselves. This is how the world gets better at technology, by companies trying to always behead of their competitors.



One thought on “Google’s Camera Improvement

  1. This is incredible that Google has stepped into the realm of smart phones, and they did it by force. No other smart phones have this type of break through technology, which has now made the competition that much higher.


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