Facebook Update Helping Out Slow Connections


Facebook has finally released an update to their mobile app. They have been working on this for a very long time. The update provides improvements and is intended to benefit those with low quality mobile networks. This is because a major goal for this organization is to have all of its users experience and enjoy the app the same way. Facebook received a lot of complaints about slow connections with the app so this is in response to the consumers who reached out.

Everyone is always worried about the amount of data being used on their phone as well as having fast and secure network connections. Facebook reduced the amount of data being used while using the app and changed around some of the mechanics behind how they display what appears on your news feed. This is where most of the slow connections and data consumption was coming from. This is done through Facebook constantly caching posts that you associate with and saving them to the app. It will also start to keep track of similar posts to the ones you associated with in order to try and provide the most relevant information to you at that moment. Caching posts allows them to be seen by all users even with lower quality mobile networks.

This is very positive for Facebook’s brand image and loyalty. They are always listening to positive and negative comments but will continue to try and provide quality improvements to their mobile app for everyone to enjoy.




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