Is Instagram the new Snapchat?

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Snapchat”? To me I think of taking pictures, what filters I can use, and lastly how important your stories are that all your friends can see. Stories on Snapchat can show anything about your life that you take a picture of and are available for your friends and user to see for only 24 hours. Recently, Instagram has introduced the same idea of Snapchats stories on the IG homepage and has people very annoyed and confused. Developer and founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom wouldn’t disagree with people because yes they are taking the same idea that Snapchat has, but instead putting a different spin on it. This “different spin” is what allows people to post pictures and videos on Instagram that aren’t worth actually posting and putting on your profile.


How do the stories on Instagram work and why is it necessary?

According to Instagram, the stories just like Snapchat last 24 hours long and can be a maximum of secound picture or video, can see who has viewed your stories, can save your stories before or after posting, and lastly allowing all your followers to see your stories and posts. Personally, when I saw this new update I was more annoyed than anything and confused because why do two perfectly separate and successful sites try to combine forces? Across the board this new update has people in a 50/50 position and don’t feel the need to post stories on their IG because that what Snapchat is for. Everyone knows Instagram has evolved into into a game where everyone seeks to win the most Likes and validation. Just like everything, after a long period of time something gets old so Instagram decided to come up with a new innovative.


So what are your feelings on Snapchat on Instagram? Will it help out instagram’s popularity or hurt Snapchats reputation?

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3 thoughts on “Is Instagram the new Snapchat?

  1. very interesting article. I feel like instagram stories weren’t as cool at first because of how popular SnapChat already was. Now more users have started using this feature on instagram and organizations can market to new audiences in different ways on these apps. I think they will both be used for a long time.


  2. I wonder if this will inhibit SnapChat in any way. If people go on Instagram to look at a story, then they might not go on SnapChat and look at their story on that app. They’re both very similar to each other. This can possibly benefit Instagram without affecting SnapChat at all, or it can damage the app due to similarity.


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