Twitter Joins Live Television

As many Twitter users have noticed, some Thursday nights, a icon will pop up that reads “Watch Live”. Twitter bought the rights to 8 Thursday Night Football games this year for 10 million dollars. This is a god send to someone like me, a poor 19 year old college student whose school doesn’t provide NFL Network. This provides a way for people without NFL Network to still enjoy the Thursday Night Football experience without leaving their room.

Why does Twitter want to spend all this money to provide us fans with free games? It’s simple, they can attract users with an experience most fans want. In this age, people don’t want to just watch something, they want to feel a part of it. Twitter’s live stream gives the viewers a way to watch the game while also seeing and participating in a conversation about the game. There has been some complaints about the tweets being a little repetitive, the feature is still new, and I’m sure Twitter will soon introduce a way to filter these tweets to provide a more realistic conversation.

Date of Publication: 10/7/16

Source: What Twitter’s Streaming Means for the Future of Live Television


2 thoughts on “Twitter Joins Live Television

  1. I never knew this but this is actually pretty cool! If they were to include some of the Sunday games I would definitely be interested because I’m a Cowboys fan and they aren’t always on TV because of our location. Being able to participate in live conversations is pretty neat as well.


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