Fashionable Wristband for Stress

The company Caeden has introduced a new anti-stress device called the Sona Band. The Sona Band is a health wristband that is designed to look like fine jewelry. It tracks a person’s heart rate variability, which is the fluctuation in timing between heartbeats. This information can tell the severity of someone’s stress. It also offers solutions to improve your heart rate, including deep breathing and meditation exercises.


The Sona Band should connect to its accompanying app, which displays more detailed and specified health information, like estimated calorie burn, daily steps, and the distance walked. This app also interacts with the iPhone Health app for improved results. The wristband also comes with a second silicon wristband to use for accuracy during workouts, which is a huge benefit and would definitely increase the number of consumers for this band. Caeden is still working out its bugs and issues before widely promoting it.


I’m more intrigued by the band because of its luxurious look and visual appeal. It’s a smart move for Caedan to make a health device look more attractive because more people will want to wear it. By the looks of this band and its benefits, I’m looking forward to purchasing one for my fashion, and health, goals.

Click Here to Read More about the Sona Band


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