Social Media Branding

It is becoming more apparent that businesses and companies are active on social media. This is an excellent marketing tool, and great way to get a name out to the public. By using social  channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, customers are more engaged and may even form an emotional connection to the brand. The most important thing about branding is to be consistent in how you present your product or service. In an entire campaign there is room for variation, but each one should all have the same principles. An example of this is Tiffany & Co. the jewelry company known for their signature blue color, and using it on all platforms.

Another great way to brand is to interact with customers on social media. Often times people make complaints about a product publicly on social media which draws a lot of negative attention.  By addressing the problem it makes the customer feel as if the company genuinely cares about them and will try to help.This could greatly affect a customer’s loyalty. Social media managers are most likely very busy, but it is important for them to keep up with their social media sites. With the fast paced world we live in, the popularity of a story  or platform can fluctuate tremendously in just one day. By posting everyday company’s will be able to generate more interactions and potentially receive more sales.

Social media branding is very important because it is now the current way to advertise quickly and effectively. An effective ad can be trending on various sites within minutes and this could drastically improve a company’s sales, image, and reputation.


2 thoughts on “Social Media Branding

  1. I definitely agree that social media has allowed companies to create a unique image that makes them stand out. Social media has also allowed them interact and form a relationship with their consumers! We can all easily picture that Tiffany blue color or Apple’s apple logo. Social media has also allowed companies, such as TOMS, to spread their mission and message with consumers.


  2. This is really insightful and I agree that social media can be used as a tool by companies to spread awareness and to connect with their customers. On Twitter I’ve seen people make comments about being dissatisfied with a company or product and the company sometimes replies to them and takes their opinions into consideration. This is a great PR strategy because it shows that the company values the opinions and suggestions of its customers.


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