Facebook VR?

Virtual reality seems to be storming into the top charts among trends today, and Facebook has high hopes to take it to the next level. Another trend today is using emojis that were first introduced by Apple. An emoji is simply a tiny smiley face that varies in the actual facial expression to emphasize how a person is feeling through text.

Facebook has been experimenting with virtual reality headsets to boost todays emoji game. Facebook has created interactive (virtual reality) emojis that respond to the gestures you make, allowing other users to be able to see them as if they were right there with having a personal conversation with you.


Facebook head of social VR, Michael Booth, explains this concept. Booth say’s “We can’t just be a blank presence. [In VR] we have eyes, we have mouths. We need some kind of emotions or it seems like totally flat affect.” Booth also lists four of the main details that Facebook is aiming for to create a “sense of believable human presence in Social VR.” The four details are:

  1. “You’re comfortable with the way you look”
  2. “Friends can recognize you at a glance”
  3. “It’s not creepy and disturbing”
  4. “Facebook can create avatars that represent each of its 1.7 billion users”

This concept is very unique, and it seems poised to have huge success among the virtual reality industry and its users. Will you be next to join the culture?

Facebook invents “virtual reality emoji” gestures


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