Wrist Fun

While the original Apple Watch introduced users to a new form of digital communication, the new and latest version adds even more excitement. The Apple Watch 2.0 introduced just last month provides users with a variety of new apps. In Kit Eaton’s article, “More Fun on Your Wrist With New Apps for the Apple Watch”, she describes new offerings that are available on the smart watch as a result of its faster chip.

Recently, I purchased the first version of the Apple Watch. I find that it is highly useful and effectively meets my needs. However, the newest Apple Watch intrigues me. I find that my current Apple Watch is already fast with accessing digital information as needed. Kit’s article describes the newest Apple Watch having even more speed  allowing new apps to run smoothly. Seeing that I have had no problem with the original, it would be interesting to make the comparison.

The Apple Watch 2.0 also boasts new and improved apps. From the list, mentioned in Kit’s article, the app Things would be most useful for my lifestyle. Things is a tool that offers interactive lists that will allow users to manage many of their daily activities. “To-do” lists are created and then can be voiced activated through your wrist making list updating so much easier. Eaton encourages users of this app to “get over the embarrassment of talking to your watch.”



2 thoughts on “Wrist Fun

  1. Apple is always surprising us with new innovations. As if we thought the Apple Watch was enough, they come out with another form of technology that is constantly changing the game. I cannot wait to look deeper into this product!


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