The Dangers of Social Media

By now, many have heard about the incident in Paris involving Kim Kardashian. She was tied up and robbed at gunpoint by a group of people posing as security guards. Although she has kept quiet on social media since then, she reportedly agreed with investigators that her presence on social media contributed to her robbery. Kim Kardashian is infamous for her constant selfies and posts bragging about her wealth; however, she never really understood how dangerous it was to constantly be on social media and in the public eye until now. Although she escaped this incident physically unharmed, she is drawing attention to the dangers of social media.

For those who do not utilize privacy settings on profiles such as Instagram and Twitter, are allowing themselves and their information to be exposed to the world. Because of this, anyone has the ability to view their profiles and learn about their personal information, even if they are complete strangers.

It is even more dangerous when people display their locations on Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram because that makes it even easier for unwanted people to be able to track them down. Many of us are naïve, like Kim Kardashian was, and don’t think it could happen to us, but we are always taking a risk whenever we post anything.

So think before you post! Make sure you are not sharing any personal information that could put you in a harmful situation.

Not only can we be harmed by others because of social media, but we could also be hurting ourselves when we post pictures that could affect our future. Employers will often search for possible employees on social media, and if a person has risky pictures then that could affect his or her chances of getting hired.

Kim Kardashian claims that she is going to quiet down on social media due to this life changing event. I’m not so sure how long that will last but I’m glad she is being vocal about the risky and potentially dangerous side of social media.


3 thoughts on “The Dangers of Social Media

  1. I totally agree with this post. It’s surprising that it took something traumatizing to make her realize why she shouldn’t be letting everyone know constantly what her day consists of. This is a problem with MANY people using social media. People who share way too much about themselves and their lives on these sites are being ignorant to the importance of privacy, along with the dangers of it. This isn’t just about safety, either – it’s about respecting yourself and your life enough to not be so obsessed with letting everyone know what you’re up to. Good blog post!

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  2. I truly feel bad for Kim and I believe that no one should be subjected to things like this. However, she is a very prominent person in society so that makes her sought after by the press or even just anyone. Hopefully others will look to this event and think about their safety more.


  3. I do feel bad for Kim and I would not wish this on anyone, but one must remember that a loss of privacy is what we’ve been associating with the Kardashians for years now. While it was a contributing factor in her being robbed, it was also a contributing factor in her having that wealth in the first place.

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