Facebook is Your New Garage

Now you can visit garage sales from the comfort of your own home! Instead of going to actual garages around your neighborhood, you can use Facebook in order to buy and sell from local neighbors. Facebook groups hosting garage sales have thousands of members joining recently.


Craigslist and eBay have both offered online marketplaces in order for people to sell their unwanted goods. However, Facebook has a newer, more comfortable option that people seem to prefer over the others. The group pages resemble neighborhoods, where you can “bump” into other neighbors and people looking for sales.

The biggest benefit out of using the Facebook group pages is that you are able to check out users’ profiles on Facebook, in order to get a better feel for who they are and whether or not you can trust their sales. Even though you cannot be fully positive that each buyer and seller are being completely honest, this system works a lot better than the usual Craigslist shenanigans.

The Facebook garage sale system works by someone setting up a Facebook group, usually one that is local and aimed at residents of that specific town/city. Once you become a member of that given group, you can post pictures of items you want to buy and/or sell to others in the group. If one is interested in the item being sold, they can comment on the item’s picture and then the seller will usually direct message that interested person. From there, they decide where they wish to meet up and exchange items and payment. It’s as simple as that!

Overall, this Facebook garage sale system has had a general positive outcome for many users. It has been convenient, fun and easy to do! More people should check out this new way of buying and selling items.

Katie Humphrey- Star Tribune




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