Facebook and Publishers

Title: Report: What Publishers prioritise in their Facebook strategy

Author: Madalina Ciobanu

Date: 10/5/16

Publication: Journalism UK

This article is talking about how the relationship between the publishers and Facebook are leading to a partnership down the road. Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. Facebook users are not happy with the way that how changes are affecting services and products. Also the way that they are being portrayed. The International News Media Association published a report on this matter which compares and contrasts the communication between publishers and Facebook. These findings were all conducted by a research associate at the Harvard Business School. There were several surveys taken and there were different views. Most people agreed that this platform helped make more connections between people. There are both positive and negative effects of doing business on Facebook.

I believe that this article is very important and useful because it involves a social media website that everybody is familiar with and it can raise awareness. Facebook and publishers can communicate and work together to create more stability on the internet, that can lead to more business. If Facebook continues to attract more audiences around the world, then it will help news publishers to meet new customers. This will only happen if both publishers and Facebook work together. This is a very brilliant idea because in the future other social media websites will adopt and learn from this idea and then develop a relationship with other publishers. This is how ideas spread and technology grows. I found this article very helpful because I learned how networking and relationships can lead to progress.

By: Mehmet Abdul Hakim Ozen



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