Publishers’ Opinions Against Facebook Strategies

Publishers have found just how powerful, though uncontrollable, Facebook can be. They are not fully pleased with their findings. A study by the International News Media Association (INMA) shows that despite publishers admitting the increased attention gained by using Facebook, a majority are displeased with the actions of the social networking site.

Facebook has not made enough attempts to court these publishers, according to the INMA poll. Many publishers express a distrust of how Facebook has been addressing their complaints. Facebook continues to support function that publishers are not seeking, such as instant articles, while refusing to show much focus on more useful publishing tools like monetizing Facebook ad revenue.

The article does summarize these feelings very well. A chart detailing how Facebook and publishers needed to relate to one another was designed in a very easy to understand manner. Bold text gives the main idea of each section of the four squared chart, leaving the skimmer to leave with valuable information, and the devotee to learn far more.

The article concludes comparing the business done with Facebook by publishers to be a Faustian dilemma.

The irony exists in publishers knowing that the value of their product is tied to how much it can be seen, and although Facebook greatly diminishes the value of the work they do.


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