Could Facebook Be the New Craigslist?

Facebook is known for always keeping up to date on social media trends. By adding their own Messenger App and “Live video”, Facebook remains a tough competitor for many social media sites. Now, according to an article written by Josh Constine, today Facebook will launch their own version of Craigslist called Marketplace.

Facebook has attempted this before. In 2007 Facebook launched a Marketplace which solely focussed on promoting sales for local housing, job openings, etc. But they never gained a large following so eventually it was shut down in 2014. Facebook tried this idea again by adding a “For Sale” option in Facebook groups. This did catch on and has had a growing following ever since. This is what really led Facebook to expand on their Marketplace idea. Seeing that a potential large following was possible, they made the Marketplace easier to use, trustworthy and accessible.

In the article, Constine describes the new features and why these features are better than those on Craigslist. With the Marketplace, there are three main features: Browse to Buy, Sell Your Stuff and Search Your Surroundings; all of these are used in different ways to ensure the user finds desired results. Craigslist offers the option to search for what you would like buy and then includes some filters to help narrow down the search. Although, both online selling and buying options are mostly alike in this area, Marketplace still holds some advantages. Being able to view the profile of the person selling products provides a sense of trust and comfort when making purchases; a sense of comfort that Craigslist does not offer. The convenience factor of being able to make purchases or sell goods right on the Facebook’s main page rather than going to a separate web page is a huge advantage over Craigslist. Along with being able to message and set up meeting places right on the site itself.

I believe Facebook could really benefit from the Marketplace. I already see numerous people selling products on Facebook and the addition of the Marketplace will make it easier to arrange and make the transactions. Although I do believe there will need to be a lot of promotion done by Facebook in order for this to take off, this is something I could see even myself using one day.

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One thought on “Could Facebook Be the New Craigslist?

  1. I like your conclusion. Provided Facebook can market the Marketplace properly, it will have a good chance of overtaking Craigslist. It has to be done expertly, but it can be done, Craigslist is by no estimation a gold standard.


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