The 200,000 Mile Year

How many miles does your car have on it? Probably not anywhere near 200,000. Tesla, one of the leading brands for electric cars today, has put this feat to rest by tacking on this mileage in one year through a program called Tesloop. For those who are unaware, Tesloop is a service that “ferries people between Los Angeles and Las Vegas in electric Tesla cars.” It is very easy to understand how this mileage can build up very quickly.


One must wonder though how well the cars have held up through all of this mileage. The answer, minor issues. These issues are much different from the typical one regarding a gas powered vehicle however. The small issues that were eventually confronted were things such as having to replace batteries because of degrading issues, and there were some internal computer issues. These issues consisted of the car relaying issues to the Tesla HQ that the motor was running at a low power once it hit 30,000 miles, and the range estimator was starting to become inaccurate once that 200,000 mile marker was hit.

Other then these minor issues, nothing drastically happened with any of the Tesloop cars. This is very impressive for a car that can put 200,000 miles on itself in the span of a year and the biggest issues are very simple and easy fixes based upon how the article suggests them to be. Something else that was very impressive and almost shocking was the fact that there is no special warranty or other form of coverage for these cars. They all have the standard issue warranties that come with the car already. Considering the durability of these cars, a trip to Vegas or Los Angeles just to use this service sounds like it would be worth it for sure.

Tales from a Tesla Model S at 200k miles


One thought on “The 200,000 Mile Year

  1. I want one of these cars now! 200,000 miles is a lot for a car, and to only have minor issues after that much mileage is impressive. I can’t wait until these start becoming more affordable and popular.


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