Newspaper Startup in the 21st Century

Paper for Sale

While skimming the headlines at, a headline caught my attention: How Would You Like to Publish Your Own Newspaper for a $250 Startup? The owner of, Reveille/Between the Lakes, is offering the paper to anyone, provided he or she is selected by a panel of judges after paying $250 and writing a 500 word essay on his or her vision of being a publisher. To quote the article “The winner will receive the name, good will, advertising and circulation lists and introductions in the community. There is no real property involved.” This made me think; is this the death knell of yet another paper?

Is this the death knell of yet another paper?

Any cynic will say yes, it’s just a sad attempt to make some quick cash off of a sinking ship. Though I am far from the optimist, this seems like a very good idea. While it will depend on the new owner, the potential for this newspaper is great. The paper may be the same as when it began in 1855, but the style will surely have to evolve. Offering this paper to anyone in the community seems like a great way to keep it local, while getting new blood in the game, and new ideas flowing.


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