Google Brings Free WiFi to the Public


Google yet again improves their customer satisfaction with their newest release of free WiFi in train stations around the globe. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that there will be free WiFi available in over 400 train stations across India. Not only will this make for happy travelers, but it will make the internet more accessible for those who view it as a necessity for business purposes, as well as those who solely use the internet socially.

Google hopes to eventually partner with other public companies and organizations in hopes to provide free WiFi to the public possibly through cafes, malls and other businesses. In this day and age, WiFi has become a prominent part of a majority of our lives. In our own homes, we have to pay to obtain WiFi, so why pay when we can go to our local cafe and get it for free? Although there may be ads interrupting the WiFi connection, I believe that this would be a great feature for customers to enjoy in public spaces.

There is an online sign up page where companies and organizations can agree to partner with Google to obtain this up and coming WiFi commodity. Not only will this increase customer satisfaction, but this could potentially increase the number of customers that these businesses obtain. Although it may seem cliche to say that WiFi brings in individuals of all ages, it is quite accurate based on the world that we live in today where technology and surfing the web is so popular.

Next time you go to your local cafe or train station, make sure to connect to the WiFi. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that it is free, thanks to Google!

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6 thoughts on “Google Brings Free WiFi to the Public

  1. This is a very interesting article. It is surprising how a huge company like Google is interested in small advancements and focused on people’s needs. I like how they are allowing Wi-Fi on train stations for free because often times that is when it is needed the most. People are often looking up directions to find out where they have to go, and they also have a lot of down time where they could use the web to learn new things.


  2. I love free wifi in transportation space. When I was in Ireland teaching for all of spring semester, I learned the Dublin airport, major bus lines and the national trains all had wifi. It was great for keeping in touch while traveling.


  3. This is incredible. I think it is extremely important for there to be free WiFi in all train stations, airports, malls, cafes, and all public places. Nowadays people use there smart phone not only for personal reasons but for business as well. I think that all public places should offer free WiFi so that there customers are able to use the Internet and do anything that they may need to do on there smart phones. I think it is great that Google is trying to bring free WiFi to the public, in a variety of places.


  4. I think this is an awesome idea. It reminds me of the commercial of the kid in the airport with a wifi hotspot. When traveling, almost everyone is looking for wifi to get their work done, and this commercial shows how bad everyone wants it. Free wifi in transportation space can take a lot of the stress out of someone’s day, because they know they’ll be able to work while waiting for their train, bus, or plane.


  5. This is a great idea. It is always nice to have free wifi because not everyone has enough data to use their phones without it. Also, wifi isn’t transportable, so you can’t use the wifi you pay for at home while you are out. Wifi is a necessity. I always connect to the wifi as soon as I get to a place. Having it during travel would be cool too!


  6. This is awesome! Free wifi makes life so much easier in so many ways. When wifi isn’t available, it causes so much slow activity and inconvenience for people, especially when they have a certain amout of 3G they pay for each month.


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