What’s the deal with the latest iPhone?

Apple products are always the talk of the tech world, and recently, the newest version of iPhone was released: iPhone 7. The demand for this new product has been on the higher side, and according to analyst Shawn Harrison, believes the product “turned out to be substantially better than what everyone was expecting.”

So, what exactly is so new and improved and exciting about the iPhone 7? Although many of the features had been leaked prior to the product’s release, some “pleasant surprises” were found. There is a better battery life and overall performance with the new version of the iPhone, and it also has additional speakers! That must mean better sound quality right?

The latest product is known to drive Apple higher than before, and according to research, the “Google search trends for the iPhone…are up significantly year-over-year relative to the iPhone 6.”The initial qualities of the iPhone 7 Plus have sold out globally. Verizon has a normal range of pre-orders, however Sprint and T-Mobile have had a way higher demand.

Sprint says that the pre-orders were up by 375 percent in only the first three days compared to last year. For T-Mobile, pre-orders are up just about four times compared with pre-registrations of the iPhone 6 last year.iphone-7-concept1

Apple shares have been increased by three percent in the past few days, and if the stock closes two percent or higher, that would mark the fourth day of it being so. This has not happened since April of 2009!

All in all, I am very excited to (hopefully) someday be an iPhone 7 owner myself and be able to experience the “pleasant surprises” and exciting new features it has to offer. I think this is a very interesting development in the world of social media because everyone always wants the latest and greatest of everything. The Apple iPhone 7 is just this, and it brings more excitement to the world of technology and online communication.



Michelle Fox, CNBC


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