Social Media Strategies with Snapchat


SnapChat started out as an app for individuals to send pictures to each other for a certain amount of seconds and then it would disappear forever. As more users started to download and use the app, SnapChat decided to improve their services to fit in better with the modern era. ‘SnapChat Stories’ were introduced which allows users to post pictures or videos onto a public setting for other people they have added on the app to look at whenever they choose to. Famous people and well known companies have joined SnapChat with the purpose of explaining news in a different way as well as providing the public with an exclusive look into their works.

This proposition is also used the same way with ‘SnapChat Discover.’ The feature is separate from stories because organizations have partnered with SnapChat for users to get an exclusive look into what they are about. Some of these organizations include DailyMail, ESPN, BuzzFeed, MTV, CNN and many more. This is an important development for journalism and communications because this technological advancement serves as a way for wider audiences to be reached. The organizations that partner with SnapChat change what is on their Discover page every day because there’s always something new going on and people need to stay interested.

Most SnapChat users are in their youth and have started to use the app as a method for receiving news and keeping up with current events. This will create more organizations or public figures to want to participate with the app to reach wider audiences. ©2016 –


3 thoughts on “Social Media Strategies with Snapchat

  1. I really like the idea of Snapchat also including news sources instead of just picture-taking. Other social media have included news, like Facebook and Twitter, and it has been beneficial to the user, as well as the news organization. It’s important to stay updated on current events. Since social media is so prevalent in daily life, it is a great way to stay informed.


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