Pokemon Go could revolutionize entertainment

Title: Want to Capture a Pokemon? Look Behind That Tree

By: Vindu Goel

Publication: The New York Times

Date: June 8th, 2016

This article from the New York Times talks about the Pokemon game franchise coming into the reality world through people’s smartphones. Niantic which is the producer of the smartphone game Ingress. Ingress is another popular game. Pokemon is a virtual reality game that allows the user to use the real world. If people can allow the user to use the real world as a game, then people can experience the feeling of the character in the game. This is a new and potential game changing venture that will open a world of entertainment. The game also has a wide appeal.

This is an important development because it is the first time something like this has ever happened. In time this sort of virtual reality game is open for everyone to play it with ease. It revolutionizes the future of entertainment for us and I see this technology expanding. This technology will be used for countless other games. I believe that this kind of game is the start to a new chapter in gaming. If you imagined that a game like this would of been invented ten years ago, people would of looked at you like you are kind of crazy. However now that we have this kind of great technology in gaming, it is important that we use it for the right and responsible ways. Whenever we start anything in technology, we start it with values and principles, and it is most important that we keep it with values and principles.


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