Can Google’s New Messaging App Compete?

Google has recently released a new messaging app and some are hesitant on whether or not it will catch on. With all of the other apps used for messaging that are already so popular, it may seem almost foolish of Google to try and compete.

The app is called Allo and a journalist by the name of Pui-Wing Tam wrote an article about it. She is just as hesitant as I am when it comes to downloading this new app. In her article she lists the current, most popular messaging apps such as Apple’s iMessage or WhatsApp. Tam also explains what Google did to make Allo stand out from the rest. Google created a messaging app that includes an “artificially intelligent assistant” that is suppose to help people with their conversations and is also able to search for information.

I looked up the homepage for this new app to see how Google promoted it. Google offered some small examples of how the messaging app works. From what I saw, it appears that all Google has done is add some more stickers, allow you to change the size of the font, and you can also edit pictures through the app. The “assistant” is something I would compare to Siri. It can suggest nearby restaurants, provide directions and also answer questions.

Pui-Wing Tam had a coworker, Brian X-Chen, use the app for 5 days to see if made any impression. Chen ended up describing it as an “office intern” not even a “full blown assistant.”

Link to the article:

Link to Google’s Allo page:


3 thoughts on “Can Google’s New Messaging App Compete?

  1. Apparently Allo is the textual version of Duo, Google’s “Facetime clone” I tweeted about a few days ago. I’d be interested (a little bit) to learn why Google was getting set to combine all of their services into one, the “Hangout,” only to abandon that plan for a bunch of misfit apps.

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  2. Seems to be Google has missed the boat on creating a messaging app and is trying to enter with the sea already full. I think it needs something game-changing to make it stand out from the rest but we will have to see.


  3. I feel like Google did not do a great job with creativity, there are a lot of other messaging apps and I don’t see why people would use this new app when there is “iMessage” and “WhatsApp”. There needs to be something different and unique for people to change over what they are comfortable using.


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