iPhone 7 Creates an Uproar

On September 8, 2016, Avie Schieder wrote an article called “The Next iPhone Can’t Do These Two Things At Once,” about the struggles iPhone customers are encountering with not having a headphone jack. One of the problems that comes with this issue is not being able to listen to music and charge your phone at the same time. The author compares this to walking and chewing gum. Apple’s Vice President says, “the company took away the classic headphone jack because the time had come.” I and others think that it is just a ploy for Apple to get more money out of consumers. The phones are coming with wireless headphones called AirPods, for the consumer use at a steep cost of $159. The verdict is still out as to whether or not this newest technology is worth the trade-off. This is important to today’s technological world because this is the first phone to offer its’ customers such a new, simplistic, and different form of technology. It has people in an uproar. Twitter has been the biggest outlet for people to complain about the new technology Apple is trying.  People are chirping in negatively which has become a significant issue for the company.




3 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Creates an Uproar

  1. Bluetooth headphones is not new technology, so making the new headphones $159 is absolutely absurd. Hopefully the iPhone 7 is just segueing for something huge that Apple is going to do. Plus, I do not think getting the headphones is worth it until they update the technology because there are plenty of Bluetooth headphones already made that are not that expensive. I’ve noticed that Bluetooth technology is not as good as just using the aux port, so hopefully the Bluetooth in the headphones and the new phone is paving a new way in technology or else Apple created two new products that are going to be a bust.


  2. I honestly don’t mind the wireless ear-pods, the design is horrible though. It’s easy to lose and if you do lose them I don’t think earphones such as those should cost $150. THAT’S INSANE!!!!!! none the less I’m not surprised. you think this is crazy just wait until the the I phone 8 comes out. according to credible sources there have been talks about getting rid of the home button and making the whole entire front of the phone the screen . SMH


  3. Personally having the iPhone 6 still, I wouldn’t want to have a phone without the jack cord because it makes it much more difficult to listen to music with other people, which I love to do. The idea of Bluetooth/wireless ear pods is really cool, but in the long run I think that it would become more of an inconvenience as opposed to a benefit.


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