The Social Media Revolution: Exploring the Impact on Journalism and News Media Organizations

.With the increase of social media in our countries culture, journalism has changed a lot. Journalists have started to embrace a more digital format. Today’s audience wants more than just to read they news, they want to choose and participate in the news. A digital format gives them this possibility. As the author of this article puts it, “it’s the birth of a democratic movement that emphasizes some of journalism’s key factors: transparency, honesty, and giving a voice to the person who doesn’t have one.” Digital journalism gives a voice to people who did not have a voice before. Now, journalists aren’t the only ones who can give their opinion, but anyone who is online.

One negative digital journalism can bring out is that if people only read what interests them, they can lose a lot of important news simply because it doesn’t interest them. Online users could easily only read articles that agree with their stance, which leads to a decrease of discussion, and an increase in agreement. One of the media’s biggest functions is to lead to civil disagreements; open dialogues about a certain topic. Digital media takes these away, as people generally search for articles that reinforce what they already believe.

Article publishes 2010 by Inquiries Journal



One thought on “The Social Media Revolution: Exploring the Impact on Journalism and News Media Organizations

  1. I do agree with the fact that choosing what news to read will decrease the amount of other important news read, but I don’t completely agree with always having an increase in agreement. I have read several news article that are relevant to my interests, and I have disagreed with what the articles say.


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