Hillary Clinton’s Health Scare

Over the weekend there was a video shown of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stumbling as she was walking to her car. Now just off of initial thought one wouldn’t think that’d be a big deal. Sometimes people stumble, it happens. But it was later revealed that she had pneumonia. Now to me I wasn’t necessarily concerned about it or thought it was that serious. But it is a concern when you’re considering someone running for President of the United States, you would expect ones health to be in the best of shape for such strenuous job. It’s also a concern because throughout this campaign her health has been an issue, it’s not the first time her health has been brought to the forefront and she hasn’t been as honest or opened about it to the public as many would like, especially her supporters who are voting for her in this year’s upcoming election. There are many interviews and video evidence of her coughing more than usual and her coughs seem serious as if something were seriously wrong. This situation has led many to think that she’s hiding something or there’s at least more to the story than what she’s telling us. Some are suggesting that Hillary take a take a break from campaigning and get her health in check. In a phone interview with ABC News she revealed that she was ordered by her doctor to take a five day break but she didn’t follow those orders and it led to what was recorded on video and shown to the public over the weekend. Many are hoping that this situation isn’t as serious as it is but from what we see it doesn’t look good.


One thought on “Hillary Clinton’s Health Scare

  1. I think that it is strong of her to push through her illness while campaigning. It shows she really cares about this campaign and her supporters, but being this ill can also scare the people. People who plan on voting for her in the general election might change their mind due to her health conditions. This could be foreshadowing the future for her if she gets in office. Although it is strong of her to push through her illness for her campaign, Hillary needs to take care of herself and take a break from campaigning to get her health in check.

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