Google’s Cardboard Camera is Changing the Technology Game.

By, bairdsblog1

As if we didn’t already think that the world of technology could advance any further, Google proves us wrong yet again. With their innovative ideas and ingenious inventions, Google blows the public’s minds with the release of their new application for iOS, called “Cardboard Camera”.

This app allows users to take photos with their iPhone or Android, which gives their picture a 365 degree look. This application is ‘changing the technology game’ because in addition to being able to take in depth VR pictures, this app now includes a social sharing feature. This sharing feature allows users to share their picture perfect masterpiece with their friends. And we thought it couldn’t get any better, right?

The Cardboard Camera app could potentially change the way present and future generations take pictures as we know it due to the easy accessibility to the app and the high quality resolution of the pictures users are able to produce. In addition to the 3D like image, this genius app also records environmental sounds around the users as they are taking a picture, which allows individuals to feel as though they have entered the world of the image they are viewing. 

Who would have thought that users could be immersed into a new environment just by looking at a cell phone screen? Watch out everybody, because Google is taking over the world of technology as we know it.

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