How Much is too Much?

In 5 short days, Destiny’s new expansion “Rise of Iron” will be released to the public. This marks the fourth expansion released for Bungie’s most recent game. With the Rise of Iron expansion, players will be allowed to purchase in-game experience boosts to hasten the level up process. This fourth and rumored to be final expansion will cost players $40, but how much more are players willing to spend?


Let us take a look at how much all the expansions have cost players from the day the game was first released on September 9th, 2016. If you purchased the game upon release, like myself, the initial game cost $60+tax. Bungie’s first two expansions, The Dark Below and House of Wolves, could be purchased together, as a season pass, for an extra $30, despite being a removed part of the base game. One year after release, Destiny enters its “Year Two” phase of the game after forcing players to spend another $40 on the expansion, The Taken King, or be locked out of being able to even play the game. Since The Taken King, Bungie has incorporated the ability for players to use real currency to purchase cosmetic items for their characters.


If you have been playing Destiny since it was released, like myself, and have purchased each expansion, including Rise of Iron, to retain your ability to play the game, you would have spent $170. Now with the addition of the purchasable experience boosts, how much more money does Bungie expect their player base to spend? I personally will not be purchasing the new expansion, despite the fun experiences I have had in-game, because I simply can no longer justify spending almost the same amount of money on an expansion, which can almost purchase another new game.


2 thoughts on “How Much is too Much?

  1. The ability for gaming companies to offer DLC for money has been an issue with many gamers for nearly ten years when it was implemented and more often than not they aren’t worth it. There’s also the possibility that the companies take certain sections of a game out and then release them later as DLC for more money.


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