Curry Steps Up His Game Off of The Court

Stephen Curry or as some may know him as “Chef Curry”, has been a stellar athlete and an even more stellar role model in the past few years. Some quick facts about Mr. Curry is that he is a point guard for the Golden State Warriors, and he holds the record for most three pointer shots by a single player in one season (402). Yes, the guy can shoot.


We are here to discuss another matter. One that may not be apparent to everyone. Stephen Curry is very active off of the court so to speak. After two years of brainstorming, Curry and previous college basketball team-mate, Bryant Barr, finally launched Slyce. Slyce is a social media management platform that is designed to simplify the typical complications with other forms of social media. The platform also serves as an all in one platform to perform multiple tasks such as publishing, content creation, distribution, and tracking.


Personally I believe that this is not just a great idea, but a very smart move on behalf of Stephen Curry. Social media is greatly used in today’s society, and has a huge impact. Being a professional athlete means communicating to your fan base, and most athletes take to social media to do so. However, they must be able to appropriately communicate the message being told. By Curry being the CEO of a social media platform such as Slyce, he can manage his social media effectively and appropriately along with several others which I believe will have a huge impact. I leave you with this question, do you think this is the next big move athletes should be taking?

“Stephen Curry on social media, charity and robotic referees”


2 thoughts on “Curry Steps Up His Game Off of The Court

  1. Steph Curry new idea on Slice is very interesting. I think that more athletes should use this because it will benefit them to have better experiences to post appropriate things on social media. Really like how you linked sports and social media because this is becoming more and more common in society.


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