iPhone 7: Serious Product, or Just a Joke

The New York Times put out its review of the iPhone 7 on September 13th. While admitting that the new iPhone is rather pricey at $650 ($810 with the wireless headphones), the New York Times’ review was generally a positive one. The review calls the wireless ear buds “more intimate than using either standard earbuds or wireless headphones, a direct and full relationship to your music.” Other positive aspects of this review include: faster processor, longer battery life, and the possibility for more software.

Many have criticized Apple for its high-priced new phone with a lack of innovation. The internet is full of videos and memes lampooning them (eg: this video from YouTube channel College Humor). Because of this, it is refreshing to see a more unbiased view of the topic. Satire is funny, yes, and it is important to point out that this phone may be just another cash-grab from a company with a cult like following; however, it is just as important to get the facts on the product, and let the person shelling out the $650-810 make the judgment call on what’s innovative and what’s useless.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 7: Serious Product, or Just a Joke

  1. I shared my review about the new I phone on twitter, I honestly feel like there all the same, you can get the same update with the I phone 6. Notice how every time a new phone comes out just not I phone per say, the phone always seems to be faster than the last version, how fast is faster honestly. And the wireless headphones are not a good look to me. If they wanted to go wireless they should have modeled the beats wireless earbuds where it still has a string but its not in the way of anything. These earbuds seem very easy to lose, and if you lose them be ready to shell out over $150 + for a new pair. Just doesn’t seem worth it to me.


  2. I feel like there is no point in upgrading to the IPhone 7 because the only difference is that it is waterproof and has a better battery life. For the cost of the new iPhone it is not worth it when they all serve the same purpose; calling, surfing the web, and texting. You also need to purchase wireless headphones when upgrading to the IPhone 7 which is a additional cost.


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