Could Apple Have Plans for a Radical New Design for the iPhone

Everyone’s familiar with the ever-changing iPhone design that Apple comes out with every new upgrade. According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who is more often right than wrong with Apple predictions states they will be coming out with a curved front and back design, wireless charging and a larger screen for the plus models.

You might have remembered when Apple came out with the bright colored iPhone 5c that was made with plastic instead of glass. The new iPhone 6’s are surrounded by an aluminum case. Which was a change from the previous iPhones that were made entirely of glass. According to Kuo, Apple will return to an all glass-incased phone. With the front and back made with the same material. The glass with make the phone lighter than the ones built with an aluminum back. It is said that the glass will curve around the edges on the front and back giving it a more rounded feel.


A wireless charger is another prediction that is said to be made in the design. Making the switch to wirelesses headphones will be seen in the iPhone 7 and is rumored that they are trying to make wireless charging a feature also. There is also talk about better security on the new upcoming iPhone 7. Focusing more on facial recognition that is said to be harder to crack than the touch fingerprint.

All these new design plans for the iPhone 7 and 7s seem promising. The phone is said to be released in 2017 and more than likely Kuo’s predictions will be seen in the iPhone 7s. Apple users will have to wait and see what new designs Apple has in store for us.






One thought on “Could Apple Have Plans for a Radical New Design for the iPhone

  1. This is a really cool story, mostly because I am so amazed how Apple continues to make the same thing popular by making some small changes. No matter what iPhone I have, I always want the new one and that is because Apple does such an incredible job at marketing and reinventing the products. I do think that after a while they will run out of advancements to make, but I have been saying that since the iPhone 5. This is a great article and you did a great job with your post!


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