Pinterest Debuts New ‘How-To’ Pins


Pinterest is making DIY projects easier with the introduction of a new Rich pin called How-To pins. These new pins allow users to see step-by-step guides on how to complete different tasks such as making soft pretzels. How-To pins will be great for pins related to food and drink, fitness, hair and beauty, and other DIY projects. These topics are already popular on Pinterest. In fact, according to Pinterest, they make up 9.5 billion pins in total.


Pinterest generates revenue mainly from advertising and How-To pins are a great opportunity for marketers to get users to spend more time on their pins. Currently, 25 brands and organizations are creating How-To pins from the free feature on Pinterest. Some of the participating businesses include Home Depot,, Martha Stewart, Cosmopolitan, and Brit & Co. While individual users cannot create How-To pins, they can share them.


I think this is a great addition to Pinterest. It allows users to stay on Pinterest’s website. It currently directs users to an alternative site from where the pin information originates.

Pinterest’s New ‘How-To’ Pins Make DIY Easier to Follow

Pinterest Debuts Step-By-Step How-To Pins from 25+ Brands to Help Keep Users Around Longer


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Debuts New ‘How-To’ Pins

  1. I think this is a great new feature for Pinterest to add. Being an avid user of the site I would find this new feature extremely useful with DYI projects and other follow along pins.


  2. I love this! There is nothing more annoying than when you see something you want to try and there aren’t full directions. I am really curious to see how it impacts ads.


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