Is Windows 10 app for panel control, better than the old versions?


          Is Windows 10 a better version for our Windows computers?  Recently, I read the article “Taking Control of the Windows 10 Control Panel by J. D. Biersdorfer .  It was written in MARCH 30, 2016 and it talked about how “The Control Panel of previous Windows versions has been largely supplanted by the newer Settings app that Microsoft includes on the lower part of the Start Menu in Windows 10.”  I personally think that it’s not better or worst from the old Window’s version.  I still have the Windows 8 or 9 version, and compared to what J.D Biersdorfer said there isn’t much difference between the ways of finding the control panel in the old versions of windows and Windows 10 version.  Now there’s an app that Microsoft includes next to the start button and with it, you can find the control panel faster.  However, if you are someone like me, and like the old version of Windows where it might of take you a little bit longer to find the control panel, there are some perks to these set up; you can still have your control panel in the start screen by searching for it and pin in it to start.  I will keep my old version of windows, I don’t think it’s better than Windows 10, but I do feel more comfortable with it after reading other articles about Windows 10 when it was being promoted. That’s another story that I won’t talk about.


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