More Schools Using Minecraft to help Children with Autism

Overwhelmingly positive results came out of a small classroom in Sydney, Australia, where students with autism are successfully using Minecraft.  Conditions often associated with children along the autism spectrum such as communication and social problems are seeing that implementing Minecraft is aid those problems.

Most of the kids are strictly visual learners which is why Minecraft is ideal. Problem solving, communication and basic geometry are all being taught with the block building game.  The deputy principal, Craig Smith, says that the game gives the students “a much more understandable version of the actual world,” and it’s true due to the presentation of ideas in a visual way. The students have already gone beyond the classroom with Minecraft, discovering textbooks with art to emulate in the game, and sharing ideas with each other while building, a feat that well exceeded the expectations of the instructors.

Children with autism have been using Minecraft since 2013, and their parents are encouraging even more learning through play, saying that it has strengthened relationships and communication when the child comes home, excited to show mom and dad what they did that day. Even though their creations can’t be displayed on a fridge, pride is one word that can describe everyone involved in this education breakthrough.


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