Social Media and You

It isn’t a secret anymore that Social Media is an advertising juggernaut that can make or break a company’s exposure, but do you know how? Each digital platform has evolved to have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and Mashable Social Media thought that it’s high time you learned about them.

Mashable it’s self is a site where many people converse and “socialize” about varying topics in our modern day; learning how to use and manipulate each can boost you and your business popularity.

Using sites that are international, like Twitter and Facebook, are great ways to spread awareness but inorder to gain a farther reach you must be specific. Some social Media sites are geospecific or provide a geographically specific vent; China’s “WeChat” is a Chinese version of twitter and facebook that if tapped can open your business up to a new audience. WeChat holds a wopping number of 650 million users that are active evry day. there are social media apps and mediums like this across the world and that if tapped, can expose you and your business to a new audience.

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