A television show about ……… apps?

Apple is beginning its endeavor against Netflix and is launching its first original television project. What exactly Apple would have in its lineup of exclusive movies and shows has been debated for a long time, but it appears we finally have an answer. The first original TV project that Apple is creating is about apps. Yes, you heard that right, those little games and other things that take up your home screen.

Apple is working in conjunction with entertainer Will.i.am and two other regulars in the business, Ben Silverman and Howard Owens. A lot of people seem to be feel very curious about the idea itself and whether or not it will be a complete flop. While Apple remains extremely excited about the ideas potential, it doesn’t mean they are going to be doing copious amounts of movie and television production.

With that being said this is still extremely notable for Apple because it is Apple’s first original effort outside the music category. A giant in the business such as Apple usually has success on the first few times around, so how do you think this television show will fare?


One thought on “A television show about ……… apps?

  1. This will be interesting since Netflix and Hulu are already started to battle over consumers. I wonder if they will have to offer something special to gain users.


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