Women Changing the Landscape of Formerly Male-Dominated Industry


When taking the job as editor of ESPN the Magazine in February, Allison Overholt did not know that she was breaking ground. When told that she was the first female editor of a major U.S. sports magazine, Overholt reacted with surprise. “When they told me, it was shocking to me,” Overholt said. “It’s 2016. How is that possible?”

Once a male-dominated industry, sports media has seen an influx of strong female voices over the past decade. ESPN anchor Linda Cohn recently hosted her 5,000th episode of SportsCenter. No anchor, male or female, has ever hosted more episodes of the show.

Popular female ESPN on-air personalities such as Jemele Hill  and Ramona Shelburne have each amassed large on-air and social media followings.

Still, many females who work in the sports media industry are confronted with bias and misconceptions. For instance, in a Poynter article written by Ed Sherman, titled “Credentials come first for Alison Overholt, the first female editor of a major U.S. sports magazine” (Published March 24th), Overhalt was questioned regarding her decision to devote an entire issue of ESPN the Magazine to the 20th anniversary of the WNBA. She was asked, “What is your response to people who will say this issue is the result of having a woman as editor?”

She responded, “[The WNBA issue] definitely came together after I came on board, but it wasn’t driven just by me. It was a collaborative effort,” Overholt said. “It’s probably too simplistic to say it is the result of a woman editor. But there’s always an element of truth in something like that, in how much it gets pushed forward.”

While issues such as these are still frequently faced by women in the industry, the accomplishments of women such as Overholt and Cohn prove that strong strides are being made toward gender equality in sports media.

Source Article Link: Poynter.Org



2 thoughts on “Women Changing the Landscape of Formerly Male-Dominated Industry

  1. This is a really hot topic in a lot of industries and I think you did a really good job of illustrating that. I think it is great that women are making their way into male dominated industries because there was no reason for males to dominate the work force in the first place. Having women and men effectively work together is important because a lot of the times the two will have contrasting ideas which can really maximize the potential of many workers. Great job on the article!


  2. It’s great seeing more and more women succeed in a male dominated industry. It is unfortunate, however, that they still face misconceptions and bias.


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