Kodak’s New Photo Sharing App Brings New Meaning to a ‘Kodak Moment’


In a world full of social networks that allow us to share content with our friends and family, Kodak has introduced a new app, Kodak Moments. The app allows users to save and share their photos and memories. Similar to other platforms, users can edit their pictures before they post them. However, Kodak Moments encourages users to share the story behind the pictures in their posts.


Kodak Moments wants to create a visual storytelling platform that breaks from the busy social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These social networks are typically where users share every second of their day and the pictures can feel staged. Kodak Moments is meant to keep all of your special memories in one place.

The app is free to iOS users in the U.S. and will launch to Android users this spring as well as in Europe later this year. Users have the option of making their stories private or public and they can also share them on other social networks.

In addition, the app is ad-free. It makes money by offering a direct printing feature through the app. “You can connect via Bluetooth with any Kodak printing machine in a store nearby or order cute prints with notes and quotes on the back to be delivered to your door.”


I grew up using Kodak products; the company’s cameras and printers were a staple in my home because my whole family used to work there. I can definitely see my mom using this app and it will be interesting incorporating Kodak back into our lives. I’m looking forward to seeing what else the app has to offer. I think this is a great move for Kodak, but I hope it wasn’t made too late.

Kodak’s beautiful new photo sharing app is like Medium for your memories


2 thoughts on “Kodak’s New Photo Sharing App Brings New Meaning to a ‘Kodak Moment’

  1. Wow, what a great idea by Kodak. I think the idea of sharing some of most meaningful pictures in your life instead of sharing every selfie you have ever taken is a great idea for a social media network. I think this app will definitely be successful because this app will encourage users to share photos from the past, before the time social media, and because people associate Kodak with the “good old days”.


  2. It’s good to see Kodak moving in this more modern direction. It was their failure to quickly transition away from film that crippled the company for decades. Hopefully this new approach will help the Kodak brand.


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