New Social Media App Peach


Peach is the new trending social media app of 2016 created by Dom Hofmann.  In January 14, 2016, Ashleigh Allsopp wrote “What is Peach? How to use Peach, the new Facebook rival that everyone is talking about” Peach is an app that contains similar ventures to those of Facebook, Path, Slack, Snapchat and Tumblr.  It is only available on iOS, so the negative side of this new app would be that if you have an android, then you can’t use it. “One big spanner in the works is that it’s currently only available for iOS, so if your friends are all on Android you’re going to be a bit lonely on Peach for a while.”  This blog talked about some of the features of the app, but since it was written back in January I went to my Google play app and did some research on my own.  Some of its features were updated March 15.  For example, the article said that you couldn’t delete posts that you’ve posted in the past.  Now you can tap and hold on a post or comment, flag it for review or delete it.  Also, you can start a one- on- one chat with your friends.

Since this is a new app it might take a little while to pick up popularity, especially because it’s only available on iOS, and there is no web version of it.  “…everyone seems to be talking about Peach.”  Maybe people seem to talk about Peach, but I still think that it has to improve more things to gain more users and popularity. Starting from the type of phone the app is compatible with, they should make it available for other types of phones too.


Although this app seems to be picking up users rather quickly, I don’t find it threatening towards Facebook or Twitter’s popularity. Facebook and Twitter are still number one; however, it may be a bigger competition to social apps like Instagram, and Snapchat. Peach seems to be a cool app, but since I haven’t tried it yet I guess I can’t say much about what I think about this app.  Maybe later on, I will be able to try it out then I will be able to give my opinion on the features of the app.




4 thoughts on “New Social Media App Peach

  1. New social media apps are always really exciting because they shape the way we communicate. Do you think there is something unique about this app that could change how we communicate in a way different from what we already have?


    • I don’t really think their is something unique about the new app, except for the fact that by typing certain words in it the apps shows you different results such as emoji, weather, location, etc.


  2. Sometimes I think there are too many social media apps and it becomes a bit overwhelming! Do you think there will ever be a time when app creators slow down and maybe apps aren’t the “cool” thing anymore? Technology is moving so fast who knows what other better things could come and overtake the app world


    • I don’t think that app creators are ever going to slow down, because their will always be new apps creators that will want to develop their new ideas.
      To be honest I would like it if they slow down; I prefer to communicate with my friends face to face. Do you prefer to communicate with your friends through social media apps, phones, or face to face?


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