Donald Trump adds insult to injury for Marco Rubio

Super Tuesday happened just last night, and it is called that because major swing states have their primaries to see how candidates are faring in each state. On the Republican side, two of the candidates’ home states were hosting their primaries. That is typically a locked up victory for candidates which John Kasich proved by winning his home state of Ohio. Marco Rubio however had no such luck, losing his home state of Florida to none other than the Donald.

In and of itself this would normally be enough cause for concern for any candidate, but unfortunate for Rubio the bleeding did not stop there. Prior to the primary Rubio himself said that whoever won the great state of Florida should represent the Republican Party. Trump saw the opportunity to add salt in the wound of Rubio and jumped on it.


The Presidential election is and will always be a matter of political policies and other things that are much bigger than social media. But as the years go on social media begins to play a bigger and bigger role in how the candidates try to convey a message. In this instance it is very fair to say that we can score one for Mr. Trump.


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