Less is….More?

Most people have grown up to think that more of something, is usually better than less of something, Facebook changes that.

Last year, Facebook launched a stripped down, simplistic version, of their popular and highly featured Facebook app called “Facebook Lite.” The “lite” version, despite the lack of features that keeps Facebook fresh and relevant, has quickly become the fastest growing version the company giant has ever put out.

Facebook lite was rolled out 9 months ago, in June 2015, and was meant to be a data efficient alternative to their original Facebook app. It was produced and created in Facebook’s second largest market, In India. India’s diverse polyglot population mad it possible to have the app in over 50 different languages, generalizing it to a wider audience.

The drawing feature of Facebook lite is that the user determines what features they want. this is foreign to the original app where new features are a mandatory  addition of updates. This selective feature allows the user to use and delegate the use of their data to comply with changes in data availability; a common problem throughout India, and a growing one in other countries around the world.


  • Myles – @TheDailyMyles


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One thought on “Less is….More?

  1. This seems to be a great idea, but is it available to the U.S? I think Facebook has been adding more features lately, and it’s users have to put up with it.


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