New Way to Like on Facebook


We are all familiar with the classic like button on Facebook. The like button signifies who actually enjoys what you post on Facebook. For a long time there was talk about adding a dislike button on but was criticized because it could be seen as bullying on social media. Back in September CEO Mark Zuckerberg started making waves about adding a new way to be more empathetic with the like button.

This new feature will now allow you to add emotions to your like. By adding six new emoji reactions users can now illustrate love, laughter, happiness, shock, sadness and anger when liking someone’s post. Facebook started out by testing this new feature in only two test markets, which were Spain and Ireland. You can access this new feature on both mobile and desktop versions of Facebook but they haven’t made it part of the messenger feature on the site. Facebook isn’t the first to use these emojis, they can be seen on social media sites like Path and Buzz Feed.  The emojis are something the user can’t turn off. The creators decided that giving the option to turn this feature off would only confuse the users. This new user experience gives a whole new meaning to the like button on Facebook.



One thought on “New Way to Like on Facebook

  1. Interesting. Now that this update to the like button is here, I’ve tried it. It’s kind of weird because I’m so used to just tapping the “Like” button and moving on. After a while, I just forgot about the feature though and went back to just hitting like without any emojis.


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