Alcohol On Wheels

wine-deliveryAlcohol is on the move! If you don’t enjoy moving and do enjoy drinking, I have recently discovered your best friend. Many newly developed alcohol delivery apps are hitting the app stores. These apps are designed to make it as easy as possible to get alcohol with out moving a muscle (besides your fingers). These new alcohol apps are on the rise, and a becoming somewhat of a fad. The idea of these apps is pretty simple. The app, partners up with local liquor stores. Due to this partnership, the app store charges full price for the product, and then a delivery fee. In a sense, for the most part, it works much like a pizza shops delivery system.alcoholPersonally, I am not very interested in this app. If I feel the need to purchase alcohol, I will simply head to my local liquor store. The reason that I took such an interest in this article is because it will be entertaining to see how these apps will perform in big cities, like New York City and Chicago. Will these blow up and become huge like Uber, or will these apps crash and burn like CinemaGram, or MySpace. It is always very interesting to see how these new and innovative apps do when they hit the big city’s.

Alcohol on Wheels


One thought on “Alcohol On Wheels

  1. This is interesting! I feel like big cities will get bogged down with the number or orders. Also, how much extra are people willing to pay? I also wonder what kind of problems they may run into with underage drinking…how do you monitor people’s age this way?


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