Drone Racing: The Next Sponsored Spectator Sport.

Imagine this: You’re sitting at home, there’s nothing good on TV, you don’t want to dive into another Netflix original, and none of your Twitch streamers are online. What do you do?

While surfing the web for entertainment you stumble upon this video

This is drone racing, a high octane, and high intensity new form of entertainment. Funded drones are being pinned against each other in a race around large open spaces such as malls or stadiums.  There’s currently “more than $8m[illion] in investor funding from some impressive names including RSE Ventures, CAA Ventures, Hearst Ventures…” says Paul Armstrong, who cautiously advocates the new sport (all of which clearly believe this will be a booming industry in the years coming).

Arguably the aspect that makes this new experience so exciting is the first person view that audiences experience while watching it from a camera atop the drones.  This type of immersive entertainment bridges the gap between regular live sporting events and alternative entertainment such as Battle Bots.  As you’ll see in the video investors are already lining up to chip in in hopes that this new form of entertainment will-like the drones-take off quickly.




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