It’s a Shia Lebouf thing

The world renowned, and “human internet meme”, Shia LeBouf is at it again as it makes another strange event happen. recently, LeBouf has started a 24-hour Shift in a Lift featuring him staying in an Oxford University elevator and chatting about various things from his movies to his take on recent news. LeBouf only left the elevator momentarily to give a short lecture to the students, but other than that he has stayed strong and stayed in the elevator.

“I know it seems cheesy on paper, but it’s only as difficult as the people who come in”, said LeBouf as he sums up his experience.

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Shia Lebouf thing

  1. This is interesting but really weird at the same time. I feel like it has been hard to go on social media over the last 6-8 months and not notice something to do with Shia. Whether it was the memes or that video where he screams JUST DO IT. Either way he is putting himself out there and getting his name out and none of it is harmful to society in any way so I say more power to him. One thing that has surprised me though is that he used to promote himself with his great acting like in Transformers but now he is doing so in much stranger ways. Either way, go Shia!


  2. Interesting PR move by him, I’d like to see what he has next. Either way I think he’s making unique ways to stay in the spotlight without risk of backlash


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