The Love of Music is Stronger Than Any Disability

Some people have dreams they never thought would be achievable.  For a few disabled musicians their dream is actually coming true.  A piece called “Activating Memory” was created by researches at the Royal Hospital and Plymouth University and has been in the works for around a decade.141222153304-bcmi-device-being-tested-horizontal-large-gallery

“Four musicians, who are unable to speak or walk, used electrical signals from their brain to select musical passages while musicians played their selections in real-time. The researchers’ brain-computer interface allowed the quartet to express their musical creativity without singing or picking up an instrument.” said Nathaniel Scharping who is the author of an article on this subject.

An opportunity like this is something these musicians never dreamed they would have.  A musician named Rosemary Johnson was injured in a car accident 27 years ago and thought she would never be able to play again.  Thanks to science and dedication she is able to play and continue doing what she loves.   A musician in this situation is controlling another musician and telling them what to play, but with their brains instead of their hands.

A story like this should inspire anyone with a dream they believe they can not achieve.  Anything is possible with determination and in this case, science.  Technology is changing peoples live and allowing them to do things they never thought were possible.


Musician’s at the Royal Hospital premiering their work

If you’re interested in seeing more check out the links below!

Video of Musicians

Rosemary Johnson’s Story



3 thoughts on “The Love of Music is Stronger Than Any Disability

  1. This story is beyond uplifting. Technology can clearly be a miracle worker when properly applied. Very inspiring and heart warming.


  2. This new technology is incredible! I wrote a couple songs in high school for a band I was part of and any time a new idea for a song came to me, I was worried that I would lose the idea before I was able to get the idea down on paper. I couldn’t imagine being paralyzed, having a great idea for a song, and not being able to write it down. It would be interesting to hear the songs that the paralyzed musicians created.


  3. This is an awesome concept, I have many friends who are musicians, and they enjoy nothing more than playing their music. They are constantly working on their music and their ability to create new music. For a disabled person, this must be an unbelievable feeling. I also feel as though music could be a very big escape for a person who does not have the use of his limbs.


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