Virtual Reality Helps Stroke Patients


Virtual reality is a progressing fad in recent years. Though no one has perfected it, virtual reality has a lot of promising fun, helpful, and therapeutic aspects. In most recent news, virtual reality developers are working on a type of system that will help stroke patients. Most stroke patients lose use of their arms, legs, or other muscles. This new virtual reality system will help people in a therapeutic way.

When people have a stroke, the brain forgets how to tell certain muscles to move. With this new virtual reality system, the brain can be tricked into sending signals to the muscles. For example, looking through the virtual reality goggles, also known as MindMaze, you would see your hand, and when trying to move that hand, you would see your virtual reality hand make a movement. This is a method, which is used to trick the brain in to thinking that you’re actually moving your hand. I know this is a confusing example, but this is the best way in elaborating on it. MindMaze could be a huge step forward in the recovery of stroke patients. I have seen firsthand the challenges facing those who are recovering from strokes and any help would be a big help on that road to recovery. Virtual Reality Helps Stroke Patients


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