Text Me for the News

Do you ever just want to be able to ask a journalist for more information about a story? Do you think it is a pain trying research different news outlets to be able to get the information you actually care about? It may be time to check out the new app for news from Quartz…Quartz-App-Chat-UI

While everyone has been arguing about whether Twitter is the new source for news, a new app from Quartz may take us all be surprise. It just announced a new iPhone-only news app that makes stories even more brief than Twitter. While we can probably expect to see advertisements from MINI, the launch sponsor, users can also expect to gather news stories over a platform that is highly interactive and will seem fairly familiar. The new site has journalists sending stories in a format that is like a texting conversation. If a story sounds interesting, the user can reply to receive more information.


The news is available to anyone with an iPhone who downloads the app, and it will work with Apple Watches. The user can choose between some customization options like what types of notifications to receive, what kind of stories are interesting, and even how to receive the news. For example, the app can tell you how the stock market is doing in the form of a Haiku or will send your Apple Watch an emoji that corresponds with how the market is doing.









The app is meant to give you a few minutes worth of news for any story it prompts. Quartz claims that it is the perfect amount for someone on a train or bus who wants to find news quickly.

However, there are some complaints already about the speed of the replies. The app leaves you looking at the typing symbol as it generates the reply. As annoying as this may be, I can’t imagine it takes any longer than if you were to go and research the answer to the question yourself.

This is a whole new way to interact and engage with news outlets. Since the app just launched on the 11th, I am curious to see how it will take off over the next month or so. I’m wondering if any other news organizations have something similar that they may launch soon. As a Samsung Galaxy owner, I’m hoping someone breaks the iPhone-only barrier because an app like this could be pretty cool to have!


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