Women are just better

Women are always told that men are better. Men are strong, smarter, and superior to women. But not anymore! North Carolina State University did a study on women and programming. After researching it has been found that women are better at programming.

A paper, written by Cal Poly and North Carolina State University, discuss how this could be possible. People may think that “it’s just one thing of research. There is no way that’s it’s true.” However not only is it research but its Science! After looking at it through science it’s a proven fact that women are better at coding and programming. The numbers are not that far apart but there is a difference between the two.

 “Women disproportionately make contributions that projects need more urgently.”


What this quote means is that woman is more likely to contribute to a project that needs help. As women we want to be the ones that fix everything. With projects that need contributions, women will be glad to help.

Even though this might be one of the reasons there are also other reasons. When women have gender neutral profiles, readers are more willing to accept their work. This also goes the other way around. Profiles that share the women’s identity are less likely to be viewed or used than if it was a male’s profile. So even though women are stronger when it comes to coding, if their profile is identified as women, they are not seen as strong coders. 

Would you judge a coder based on the gender of them?

Suck it Dudes, Science Proves Women are Better Coders


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