Explore Your Family History Through Mulimedia Storytelling

Family On Sofa With Laptop And Digital Tablet Watching TV

Family On Sofa With Laptop And Digital Tablet

Every family has their precious stories that are told from generation to generation. Instead of stories being told orally or through written documentation, why not enhance the experience to personalize each story and give it that “wow effect?”

Devin Ashby, a FamilySearch project manager, stated at RootsTech‘s family history conference that when multiple media sources are curated together to tell a story, it “becomes more dynamic and assumes more dimensions” than simply typed words.


At the conference, one member shared a story about a time when a would-be burglar was in her garage. Families have treasured stories like these, but multimedia, in a sense, can bedazzle them. He suggests families integrate their stories with products based on digital, audio, video and sharing capabilities.

For pictures, Ashby suggests using Google Photos because of its user friendly interface and face recognition tool. As far as audio, Ashby suggests programs such as Audacity that can layer various recordings and export them into one. According to your operating system, Windows Media Maker or iMovie are great for making short family movies.


Melanie Bosselman says she has stories in books from her ancestors that her children have no interest in reading. She said, “I bet if I took the pictures and I had the kids narrate them, all of a sudden it would be interesting to them and they would know those stories.”

Melanie and her husband Chris of Cheyenne, Wyoming were surprised by the benefit the additional media has on conveying the personality of a specific story.



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